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Sunday, July 9, 2017

BEAUTY | Fave Nude/Brown Lipsticks

Lately, I have been obsessed with makeup. As a result, you've probably noticed that my blog has been taken over by quite a few beauty videos in the last few weeks. This all began after I started to actually teach myself to do my own makeup by watching youtube videos. Currently, I'm by no means an expert or wear makeup on a daily basis but I can proudly say I've gotten better. This is why I began to record these videos to teach others, who might be going through the struggles I went through, that you can learn to do your own makeup. And to teach them that with practice applying makeup does becomes easier!

But if you're one of the fashionistas that likes my fashion videos better, do not worry those will be making a come back soon as well. Stay tuned for my Summer 2017 Lookbook. Yes, you read that right. I'm in the process of finishing recording a lookbook! I think we both agree the release of one lookbook by me has been long overdue.

Which nude lippie was your favorite?

Also what fashion trends are you looking forward to seeing on my upcoming lookbook?

Sheyla ♥

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Hi fashionistas! Happy 4th of July! I had lots of free time thanks to the long weekend and put together this tutorial on how I clean my brushes. I think holidays are the perfect time to do some cleaning if you do not have getaway plans.

Friday, June 23, 2017

BEAUTY | Yesstyle Quirky Asian Beauty Tools

Asian beauty tools and products have become my obsession lately (as you can tell from previous posts). I just love browsing through innovative beauty products and investigating them to decide if I should give them a shot. And YESSTYLE has become my greatest ally on my beauty quest.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


For years I've been dying to try a cushion foundation because Korean Dramas - more specifically Miss Korea - got me super interested in them. In South Korea it is all about having great skincare and looking as natural as possible when wearing makeup. As a result cushion foundations became very popular because they are light and provide enough coverage to achieve a natural look.
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