Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello friends!

I'm so glad to be back after a refreshing summer and a few days at school. 

I'm officially a senior! I really can't believe it. 

Fours years that flew out the window in a snap.

For now school has been great, however I truly apologize for not posting my back to school look or any look so far but I promise that I will start doing so at the beginning of next week.

So stay tuned!

I also found out recently that a photo that I took last year with my bestie Vanessa has been featured on this really cool website for high school teens!   (Check it out below)

I've also created a tumblr where I'm posting photos from my everyday life and my trips to cuba, europe and many other places that I visit as I get on with my life. Make sure to check that out too and follow me! (Below)

And pretty much that has been it for now

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