Friday, July 22, 2011


Finally I had a photoshoot after a very long time. I'm so excited to share these photos with you guys because I loved how these photos came out.

This photoshoot couldn't have been possible without the help of my little brother, my personal photographer, he's so awesome.

So without further ado here's Back to the '70s.

And for the complete photoshoot I've created a slideshow with my new Macbook Pro!



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello followers!

Here are some photos of my most recent haul. Yesterday I was finally able to go to the mall to purchase the items I had kept in a wish list from Forever not long ago. I was looking for key pieces that represent the latest trends.

The key terms of the fashion trends I had in mind were: florals, prints, navy and gold accessories.

I was able to find all of the pieces related to these trends at Forever 21 and Heritage 1981

My first stop was F21

I focused on the accessories from there and I got...

Golden Leopard Print Headwrap

Pink and Gold Rose Pendant Necklace

Cylinder Rings (Gold and Silver)

Three Golden Ring Pieces

And then I went to Heritage 1981 which was right next door to Forever 21 to find the other two items that I needed. This time they were clothes...

Navy High-waisted Shorts
*The shorts were on sale by the way because right now Forever 21 is having a Yellow Tag sale. They cost $11.

Blue Floral Romper

And that was my haul!
Thanks for staying tuned.


Hello followers!

It's been a long time but what can I say there have been quite busy with some of the transitions, college being the biggest one, in my life that have diminished some of my time but because Fashion is still dear to me here's my welcome back gift!

As you know I had a wonderful time in Europe this past Spring and I'm sorry that I have not posted any photos of that I'll promise that next time I'll post my Top 5 Favorites Photos from the trip.

So for now as a treat I will instead show photos of the items I purchased while I was in Europe.

I didn't break the bank like the last time I went to Europe in 2008 but I purchased some key casual pieces that I have been wearing lately and which I truly love.

So are you ready?

Then here we go...first up is...

Khaki Cotton Pants - purchased at a German Store

Tree Hugger Comfy Tee - purchased at a German Store

Denim Shirt - purchased at a C&A in Germany

Floral Dress - purchased at H&M Germany

Landmarks Tote Bags - purchased in Heildelberger, Germany; Munich, Germany and Innsbruck, Austria

And that was it for my sweet Europe haul the rest of the items I bought were souvenirs and and other gifts for friends not really related to fashion so I don't feel the need to post them too. 

Hope you enjoyed this post lovely followers

Look forward to my next haul post from Forever 21 & Heritage 1981

Until next time.


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