Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Fashionistas!!

So this wonderful day is about to fade but before it does I had to share my look and thoughts for the day.

I’m having a great time with the family here at home took a few seconds away from them to share this message with you guys.

What am I thankful for?

“I’m thankful for having my family and friends close through the good and bad times to support me. I’m thankful for being able to live another day to enjoy it or learn from the mistakes I’ve made in it. I’m thankful for having music in my life. I’m also thankful for being able to slowly but surely realize my dreams.

In brief, I’m thankful for all I’ve accomplished and experienced so far in my life.”

So my question is what are you thankful for?

Here’s also something you didn’t know about me….I sing and write songs :D

Hope you liked my look and message
Buenas Noches…..


Hope you enjoyed my post....
 ...until next time sayonara!
Sunday came as soon as it went. It’s about 11:44pm here in Florida in a few minutes I’ll be counting some sheep in my zzzzs, but before I do that I had to post the photos of my look today.

I went to the movies with my little brother and bff Vanessa. I couldn’t take photos there because we were in a rush to get in and totally forgot about it lol.

Anyways the movie was so long…..and they had this whole bunch of previews and commercials in the begining- about 20 mins long – which made the experience even longer. In brief I’m in agreement with the critics about the reviews they made the movie too long but iit was still ok. Jacob was a hottie, Edward in some parts.

Well this is it for today fashionistas, school tomorrow….

Should I post tomorrow’s look as well? Mmmm who knows we’ll see.


Other parts of the look:

Paris, France gift shop tank top $12
Ashley Faux leather jacket $16.99
Elizabeth Taylor red glasses $120

Thanks for Reading!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The sweetheart/girly look never fails! This is another Fall ‘09 outfit, I went for a more classic style for a change. In this outfit I feel super cute because it shapes my body perfectly. I’m totally ready for a date in this wardrobe! [ well actually I forgot to add the main accessory, the handbag, Oops! ]

*Check back later for the information about where to purchase the clothes.

For Now Here's The Look

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here's my second Autumn look!

Once again it's time for knits. This year bring those oversized sweaters, knit dresses and knit head gears, scarfs...etc out of your closet and wear them. It is always cute to wear a nice knit scarf paired with a cool tee, a leather jacket, boots and skinny jeans - Oops! I might have given away a look for the future - not only is it stylish but it also keeps you cozy! One of Fall '09s best trend are knit dresses. For this look I'm showcasing one. Not only are these warm-keepers stylish but also comfortable so you'll feel great, on the other hand they're not so great if you decide to wear them on a sunny day though. :P

Here's the outfit:

Now for the items description:

  • silver headband - these are pretty cute and you can find them anywhere in asorted colors and style. I got few ones of different colors and styles from a local Dollar Store. Yep! Once again a cheap bargain $1 each!

  • silver knit dress - I got this super cute knit at a Ross Department Store for as low as about $20 bucks. The brand is City Triangle, they also had cute tops from this brand so I'll be on the lookout for other clothes from them later on.

  • black leggings - these leggings were a JcPenney purchase. I bought them last year they're awesome because they're not too thin or too thick so you can use them both during the summer or the fall. Their brand is Arizona, a brand which I adore, many of my clothes are from this brand. They cost me $10.

  • silver&navy blue boots - now these might be a little harder to find. My dad bought me these in Portugal at my favorite shoe store there called Guimarães. So if you ever plan to visit Portugal and want the latest most fashionable styles of shoes with great quality Guimarães is the shoe store to visit. They will have everything you need. But the prices won't be as low as the prices here. These my dad bought for about €80 euros that's about $100 dollars. But trust me they're worth it! Unfortunately I haven't seen this type of boots around my area but you could opt for a similar Converse style shoe I've seen out there or go shooping online - sorry Guimarães doesn't have an online website though.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello Fashion lovers!
As you all know the fall has arrived, which means that its time to showcase your boots, long leggings, winter coats, scarfs...and it goes on and on. I live in Southern Florida so really cold weather never kicks in over here, but we do have some occasional cold fronts and us fashionistas have a chance to show our Winter style throughout it. For now the weather is not that cold but the mornings and evenings are windy so we can at least wear some of our Winter coats. This fall BLACK is the color to wear. Here's how I implemented it on this outfit.

I went for:
  • dark red ballerina shoes
  • black knee high socks
  • a black & white plaid skirt
  • a black top with a silver and gold design
  • my leather jacket
*Extra tip:
I also have on an ultra sheer black pantyhose. Were you able to see it at first?  No right? Well that's the point these are great because they're unnoticeable and give your legs a clearer look.

Where I got my stuff:
  • dark red ballerina shoes - these you can find anywhere all that matters is what style you want to get, these in particular I bought a $9.99 shoe store! Great deal right? Plus they are very durable and comfortable.

  • black knee high socks & pantyhose - I got these two at a Ross Department store the socks' package was a two-pair one, for about $2 and the pantyhose package was only one pair but it cost $1.50.
  • a black & white plaid skirt - this was another great buy from a Ross Department store it is from the Avril Lavigne brand Abbey Dawn and it was on clearance so it cost about $7.99. So you may be wondering well if it was on clearance then there must be a few left only right? Well not quite, although there may not be any more Abbey Dawn designs there are plenty of other plaid skirts from other brands so you can still go check them out.

  • a black top with a silver and gold design - who doesn't love cheap but good quality tees? Well at least I don't! I found this awesome top at Dots for about $10. Dots has always had many cute tops like these so you can stop by at any of their stores anytime for a cute accessory top. Also word is that Maxrave is also having a sale on their tops so you could go check them out too since their clothing style is similar to that of Dots.

  • my leather style jacket - I also got it at a Ross Department store and it cost me about $16.99, they had a limited stock on these though, so my advise would be to check out Ross first and if you do not find them then go to Dots because they also have great jackets similar to this one.


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