Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello followers,

Some of you may not know but I'm currently going through this phase called a "hair journey" A hair journey is a process that consists of taking better care of your hair in order to maintain it healthy, grow it out if you want or simply maintain your current length.

I'm relaxed meaning I use chemicals to maintain my hair straight and as it is natural the chemicals in the relaxer weaken some parts of my hair so a hair journey is needed in order to prevent those chemicals from damaging my hair by balancing out the nutrients that my hair loses while it is chemically treated.

For those of you who are still a bit clueless about what it is I've posted a video to clarify some things and let you see why going through a hair journey is a wonderful and encouraging experience.

Enjoy the video!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello again!

Two posts in a day huh quite productive I'm today.

This second post is about what I wore today. Decided to mix up Fall's latest IN trend -- POLKA DOTS - hahahaha why so much excitement you must be wondering, well truth is I don't know myself.

About this look...

It features another find from Walmart...A polka dots strapless top!

The rest are pieces I've talked about before so no need to talk much about it.

If you're still curious check out the post Europe Haul.

Well that is it for now I have 30 mins before I head to work so I'm going to rest for a bit.

Enjoy the look!

Lei Strapless Polka Dots Top
High-waisted Beige Pants
Arizona Polka Dots Wedges
Sheyla ♥

Hello everyone!

As you guys have noticed Summer is slowly slipping away and for me its quite a bittersweet event. I spent most of this summer with my boyfriend and now that he has gone back to college its quite sad. Only his daily phone calls and the upcoming Fall season have kept me in somewhat high spirits.

There are many things I want for Fall. Besides these shoes that I'm about to share I also plan to take on new activities including YOGA!

Yes I can't wait to start taking Yoga. I really wanted to go back to modeling so in order to get in shape for that I think Yoga will be the perfect solution.

I hope both activities go well. Let's see how I manage College, Yoga and Modeling. Yes because at the moment I'm a freshman in college with a 3.0 GPA woohoo!

Well let's get back to Fashion now...

These are five shoes that I really want this fall

1. Bamboo Chestnut Penny Loafer Heels

*www.lulus.com $32

2. Black Leatherette Wedges

*www.forever21.com $27.80

3. Suedette Leopard Wedges

*www.forever21.com $27.80

4. Black Lace up Combat Boots

*www.forever21.com $35.80

5. Jeffrey Campbell Tan Lita Bootie

*www.nordstrom.com $159.95

Hopefully I will get to purchase one of these shoes next week. The only one I don't think I'll be able to get is the Lita :(
College is expensive and it comes first so yeah only if a miracle happened or if somebody gifted me a pair would I be able to get it I think.

But hey at least I can have some of these shoes and that's what matters.

See you lovely readers!

And for those of you returning to college next week, like me, GOOD LUCK!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello friends!
Here's my most recent look.

The shirt is an awesome find from Walmart! It was a design only available online and it suddenly became cheaper due to the clearance deals.

I quickly went ahead and got it and I must say that this was one of the best finds ever. The shirt is comfy and the "wolfie" print is lovely and the colors are so vibrant. This shirt also looks perfect with a blazer on top but that would be for another day.

I definitely recommend that you visit walmart.com to find layering shirts and some pattern shirts!

Remember patterns and print shirts are in this upcoming Fall so might as well start stocking up early.

There were some other tops that I found and love but I will leave those for the upcoming looks.

For now here's this simple everyday look which I loved. Hope you guys like it too ;)

Graphic Tee from Walmart.com
Bow Headband Forever 21
Blue Skinny Jeans from Forever 21
Lace up sneakers from Rouge

Sheyla ♥

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello friends!
How's everyone doing? Can you guys believe summer is almost over?!

It seems as if it was yesterday when summer started its very sad to see it go by so quickly and specially because that special someone will be going back to college soon which will mean 4 months apart.

This summer has been quite bitter sweet because he was here with me and I knew that it would soon end.

Regardless I'm enjoying it to the fullest and it's not like I will never see him again since he'll be back in no time.

Here's what I wore yesterday for our date.

The meaning behind the post's title?

He brings the sunshine in me thus this summer has been blooming and flowery because he was by my side.

Enjoy the photos my friends.

  Romper is from Forever 21
Bag is vintage
Sandals are from Forever 21


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