Monday, May 17, 2010

I have a new puppy! His name is Johnny and he is very playful and fun.


                Johnny is 5 months old.

You will be seeing him more often....

Sheyla ♥

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's time for a make-up talk!

As you guys have noticed I wore heavy make up on my previous post. But in reality it really wasn't much.

Here's what I wore:
  • A pressed powder bronzer (Clinique)
  • Black eyeliner and mascara
  • A base in the eyelids
  • A glittery black eye shadow
  • A red eyeshadow on the outer side of the eyes

I didn't use brand make up so I can't tell you what brand to get. 

But I can show you more photos so you can see what kind of shades you should get!

Here they are:

Hello friends!

I’m back filled with excitement because on Sunday I will be seventeen!!

Time has by passed so fast. I finally realized this yesterday when I attended my friend’s fifteen birthday party.

It was only yesterday that I turned fifteen and this pre-teen – my friend – was so excited about her upcoming fifteen birthday party, that was to be two years later.

I had chosen to travel to Paris and Rome instead of having a party for my fifteen birthday present and here she was sharing my excitement for traveling as well wondering how her fifteen birthday would be like.

And here we are these two years flew by and there I was yesterday at her “quince” - traditional Hispanic birthday party.

I had a lot of fun, it was a night not to forget.

And now I can’t wait to turn seventeen this Sunday!!!

Check out the photos below...


The "QuinceaƱera


Sheyla ♥

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