Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Wearing:
One Shoulder Dress | PACSUN
Brown Skinny Belt | PACSUN
Snake Ear Cuff | EBAY
YSL Inspired Ring | EBAY
Brown Penny Loafer Heels | BAMBOO

Sweet Jesus its crazy out there right now! I'm referring to Florida's weather in the have no idea how tough it was to shoot this look. But all for you guys.

I decided to wear this dress because the fabric is breezy and the fact that its one shoulder makes it even more comfortable. The earthy tones - belt and shoes - of this look  are to slowly welcome Fall Season into my wardrobe. As far as my other accessories go if you follow me on INSTAGRAM you know that I've been loving my snake ear (cuff) earring. Its just so rad! And my YSL inspired ring is a true fashion statement staple for me.

I cannot believe Summer Break is almost over; sad I know...

How is your Wednesday going?

Sheyla ♥

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I'm Wearing:
Mint Green Blazer | SALVATION ARMY
White T-Shirt | WALMART
Black Skinnies | LEVI'S
Korean Inspired Bag | OASAP
Floral Flats | PACSUN

Hi fashionistas!
Happy Thursday! This is actually the look that I wore yesterday. Well a remix of it. I had to go out somewhere really quick and I saw this look laying on my chair and decided to wear it again for time's sake. I rolled up the sleeves to make the look more casual and the only thing I did change was actually the t-shirt - yesterday I wore a gray one instead - to add a bit of a difference. But hey it worked out pretty well don't you think?

Have you done this before?

Sheyla ♥

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today is just another typical Sunday. Errands to run and things to fix. So to go on with my day I went for a vintage look featuring my latest possession: my cat eye sunnies. I was lucky to snatch these over at    Chictopia with some of the points I accumulated. And I must confess I fell in love with them at first sight and woke up extremely early just to redeem them. 

Ha! That's what happens when a fashionista falls in love with a stylish item...

You can see how I styled this Boxy Top differently HERE or how you I mixed this striped bodycon skirt with a more subtle color HERE.

How is your Sunday going?

Before I go here's a list of what I'm wearing.

What I'm Wearing:

Cat Eye Sunnies | c/o CALICO
Green Knuckle Ring | FOREVER 21
Necklace | FOREVER 21
Boxy Top | FOREVER 21
Striped Bodycon Skirt | TARGET
Caged Heels | NASTY GAL

p.s: I will be posting a collective haul video momentarily! Stay tuned.

Sheyla ♥

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Fashionistas!
I've recently began putting more work on my youtube channel but I haven't been getting a lot of feedback so I have no idea on what I should improve to make them more audience friendly.
I would appreciate it a lot if you let me know what you think of them. 
And if you have anything you would like for me to make a video about I would definitely appreciate that too in reference for future videos.
In the end I'm making these videos for you guys in hopes of entertaining you all.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Kiss Kiss,
Sheyla ♥

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I miss my friends so much! Well the ones that are away from here. Sometimes I really wish I had been able to go study with them at those upper state colleges. Its sad seeing them only sometimes. Today I was going through my video archive and reminiscing about those high school moments we shared. However I will keep the smile you see below on my face because I have faith that this happened for a reason and things happened for the better...
What I'm Wearing:
Green Shirt | GOODWILL
Blue Shorts (DIY) | GOODWILL
Tan Wedges | PACSUN
Sunglasses | FOREVER 21

Sheyla ♥

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July! I had a great time and wore my red, white and blue proudly while I set off some fireworks at home with my boyfriend and family.

Unfortunately my SD card was acting up and I couldn't take any photos of that awesome celebration. But at least I was able to fix the SD card later on! But still it was way after all the sparkles and laughs and by then there was nothing to see.

However, here on this video you can see what I wore to celebrate this beautiful day.

Go on...check out outfit number 1 and if you like why not the rest as well!

Sheyla ♥

Monday, July 2, 2012


The heat is so fierce at the moment that many people have collapsed already. That means there's only one thing to do...WEAR LESS CLOTHES!
Also here's me attempting to look like a model again..hahahaha did I succeed?
p.s. did you get the little MJ tribute I did?

Also BIG THANK YOU to Chictopia for the feature!

Sheyla ♥

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here's a sneak peek at my hair's shrinkage and current length. ♥

The beauty of being a curly gal is being able to fake the short look with no problem. Why? Because of shrinkage that is! African American hair shrinks like no other and this photo is a proof of that. ♥

Stay tuned for a Length Check Video COMING UP SOON...

p.s: This is a photo of my hair with no product! I specifically washed my hair and applied no product after, just to get a true length and texture.

Sheyla ♥
Today I went to the Quinceanera party of my friend Samy. It was a sweet and simple celebration and once again I was reminded of how fast time is going by. I still remember when I used to play with Samy, her little sister and my brother after school. And here we are now 7 years later celebrating Samy's 15th birthday.
I really liked the simple details that decorated Samy's place for the celebration. Don't you think these hearts are adorable?

What I'm Wearing:

Yellow Dress | SEARS
Stud Earrings | GOODWILL
Blue Clutch | GIFTED
Bracelet | D.R BOUTIQUE

Sheyla ♥

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