Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ok I'm now revealing my other new purchase, my new vintage booties enjoy!!

p.s: Do they look familiar to you? If they do, it's because they are. Check out my blog banner on top and you can see them there but in light brown.



                                         Sheyla ♥
Hey friends!

So my purchase from Forever21 finally arrived!

I bought two things that I reallly wanted: a red beret and some booties. But I will only show the beret today.

*Tune in later for an outfit with the booties ok.

This beret is awesome, it is not too light or too heavy so it can be worn in both in the summer and winter.

It is also very comfortable, I really like it.

If you plan to purchase it, online, go to the section labeled "Fabulous Finds" in the Forever21 website.

They have various colors so yeah its your choice, depending on what color attracts you  =D

Well this is it, check out the photos below.

Love you guys and enjoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vibrant nail polish colors are very in style right now, so I gave a bolder color a try.
I usually wear classic nail polish colors like black, different shades of pink and brown but I recently purchased a vibrant purple one and I must say that I love it!!!

It looks great, and it makes my outfits standout so it's even better lol..... xD

Also today the shoes and lovely beret I ordered from Forever21 arrived, can't wait to combine those two.

Well back to nail polish...

Here's the new color, make sure to try it out if you can!!


p.s: This color can be found at your local drug store or department store.I bought mines at my local Family Dollar store but I also saw this color at Walgreens, which means it could be pretty much anywhere. =D

Monday, March 8, 2010

 I just realized that I never posted this look here or in

If you are one of my followers in Chictopia then of course you've seen it but not all of the other photos of it!

So here it is check it out guys:

I'm wearing:

A black vest from MAXRave

A beige blouse from JcPenney's brand Self-Esteem

A denim mini skirt from Macy's brand Guess.



Sheyla ♥

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello friends!

Spring is almost here!! Isn't tha great?

Finally the weather in Florida warmed up - well at least for today it did. And I took advantage of this beautiful weather to wear shorts, I must confess it felt so good.

I went out to eat with the family in this outfit.


Sheyla ♥

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