Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He guys!
As you know the annual MTV VMAs were held last night! It was great this year too and I couldn't help but notice and comment about my favorite outfit in the event.

By the way I also got very excited by the preview Lady Gaga gave us of her new song/album "Born This Way". I see another hit coming along the way. Congrats to Gaga for all her wins as well. She deserves it. She made us fame monsters very proud.

And now here are my VMAs red carpet best female outfit nominees:

  • Lady Gaga
  • Katy Perry
  • Emma Stone
  • Selena Gomez
  • Ashley Greene



And the winner is....Selena Gomez!


Selena Gomez looked gorgeous in this silver dress by Reem Acra! This dress accentuated her shape perfectly and gave her that glamorous look. Plus it was sexy yet not so revealing which is perfect for her age. I was in love with her outfit from the start! Silver looks great on her. What I liked the most about this dress was it's sleek and chic design. The pearls around the bust area gave it a sweet touch and the revealing leg opening made it sexy yet formal at the same time. Great choice Selena and as the MTV critics mentioned you're no longer a girl, not yet a woman but already a bombshell.

Here are the outfits that the other nominees wore:

lady_gaga_1.jpg     Lady Gaga

katy_perry_1.jpg   Katy Perry

emma_stone_1.jpg   Emma Stone                                       

ashley_greene_1.jpg  Ashley Greene

Which one was your favorite? And why?


                                                  FAVORITE SONG OF THE DAY!

Photo credits: MTV VMAs Photographers

Monday, September 13, 2010

1. Wool Cloche - this lovely hat gives your outfits a vintage look that is really trendy this fall and you can pair it up with pretty much everything...a dress, a blazer and shorts, a blouse and skirt etc...
2. Wool Bow Beret - another great alternative to finish up a look. If you want a more trendy feel instead of the more classy feel the "cloche" gives then this cute beret is the right choice. The shimmering bow says nothing vintage and more eclectic.

3. Sheer Lace Bodysuit - this bodysuit looks great with a black tube top or bra and then with a blazer added on top. With those three paired together you get a vintage yet 80s look all in one!

Juniors Sheer Lace Short-Sleeve Bodysuit

4. Military Jacket - the whole military look is great during the fall too. And if you choose the more vibrant colors like the green and brown shades of this type of jacket you can give an outfit a great pop of color without being too flashy and still staying true to Autumn.

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Military Jacket

5. Flower Satin Headband - this headband is great to wear as a finishing touch with your coat outfit during fall. It's classy design will make your outfits seem adorable!

6. Triangular Shape Blazers - this blazer accentuates a woman's figure to perfection and it looks great with formal or casual wear. In addition it will keep you wam too.

7. Lace/Design Tights - these are the best to complement your skirts or dresses and they give a chic or cute feel.

8. Double Breasted Coat - a must have fall/winter accessory short or long not only is it classy and vintage but it also keeps you warm.

9. Shades - why not look chic in fall too with shades plus the shads can also protect your eyes from those windy days.

10. Lace-up Booties - they're cute, trendy, cozy and give you that extra height.

Lace-Up Ankle Boots

11. Cardigans - a great way of layering is by using cardigans underneath your coats and blazers that way you can keep them warmth when outdoors and look chic when indoors without being too warm.

 And those are my favorites for Fall 2010 as of now! I found these pieces from various stores - Forever 21, Yesstyle and Walmart. Hope you liked this post!



                                         Outfit: Olive green military jacket
                                                              Gray tunic
                                                       Wet-looking leggings 
                                                          Oxford booties

                  Photo Credits: Sandro Castillo & Hilaria M. Gonzalez

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