Saturday, August 3, 2019

When you do not have a photographer available, take matters into your own hands and take your own photos! Taking these photos brought me back to my first days as a blogger. If you look back to the earlier posts of my blog many of the photographs back then were taken by me and my little tripod in my parents backyard. What initially started as a fun summer hobby slowly developed into a passion.
 Top & Pants NASTYGAL
Sunnies | LE SPECS
As you can see nowadays I still play around with my surroundings and use random things as tripods when one isn't readily available. For this shoot I used my car and my little notebook (check out my sunglasses shot). And as you can see the photos turned out ok. Well except for this last one where I'm completely out of focus!
Have you tried taking your own photos before?

Sheyla ♥

Thrifting is often a hit or miss for me (the latter being more accurate). But I must say it is quite the entertaining experience if you're patient and devoted to it. During one of my more successful trips to Goodwill I snagged this beautiful printed buttoned-down shirt. It features this intricate artistic print of reds and browns. The fabric of it is chiffon. And it has these flattering pleats that give it an airy look.
Sunglasses | H&M   Shirt | GOODWILL    Jeans | FOREVER 21    Heeled Sandals | LULUS

I decided to make this shirt the focal point of the outfit by simply styling around it and pairing it with accessories that purposely complement it. Overall, I think this outfit was a great success thanks to my little goodwill find.

Do you go thrifting as well?

Share your experience with thrifting below.

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