Thursday, February 24, 2011

"WOW" was the first word that came to mind when I first perused the shots of the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection by Jason Wu! It was love at first sight...

In order for you guys to get a better idea as to what captivated me the most I will go through each outfit that I liked and explain why I loved it so much!
First stop is...the Lustrous Red Ball Gown

Jason Wu's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection
[Model: Jourdan Dunn]

This lovely gown equals "perfect beauty". I love that it's strapless because I'm a sucker for those dresses. In addition the simple gold details at the bust and waist give this dress elegance without going really extravagant! The fabric is also lovely I love that it flows so that when you walk across a room you would catch the attention of those surrounding you instantly. And lets not forget the stunning red color. It pops and gives so much more attention to this dress. I must say the dress really enchanted me! If only I could have a dress like this for Prom - I would definitely feel like a Prom Queen if I did. I love you Jason Wu!!! <3

Followed by the look I call...Androgyny Chic

As many of you guys know I'm also a fan of androgyny women's wear. This look was simple, chic and full of that sexy man-appeal. Hahahaha that might have sounded weird but some of you understand what I mean - Its like in the movies when they show a woman wearing her boyfriend shirt around the house, thats the type of sexiness I'm referring to. I love the details on the sides of the sweater and the trousers have that timeless design that never goes out of style so it completes the whole look perfectly. I couldn't see the bag very well but it looked gorgeous too.

Up next is the look that shouted chicness! I call it...James Bond Female

Out of all of the androgynous looks in the Jason Wu Fall/Winter 2011 collection this one was my ultimate favorite. I immediately thought of James Bond when I saw this look. Usually - for those who know JB - one associates elegance, mystery and sexiness when one hears the name James Bond. And that was exactly what this look said to me when I first saw it. Jason amazes me every time; he can make a woman look so good in manly and feminine pieces and that its so amazing! I love the look from head to toe. One again its so simple yet so chic. I love the detail in the jacket because although the cut is typical of a blazer its that detail in the front that adds that feminineness to the outfit. And the shirt with the bow is perfect so I would 't see a problem in wearing it without the jacket at all.

Back to feminine...Simple White Dress

This dress was another example of simple elegance in Jason Wu's collection. I love the design because once again its SIMPLE and the "dead Winter flowers" print on it adds to the elegance in it. I really like the bottom of the dress because I'm also a sucker for bell bottom dresses and this one is pretty so its great.

And the last three that caught my attention I call them...The Three Timeless Gowns

Once again the flow of these three dresses I loved. And yes the second one is not actually a dress but a top and a long "flowy" skirt. I loved all three of the for their gold and lace details. Jason Wu you deserve five stars for this lovely Fall and Winter collection! You're truly amazing and I would love to wear one of your gowns someday. Best of luck for Jason Wu!!

And well this is it for my report of the Jason Wu Fall/Winter 2011 collection. For the entire collection photos check out this link:

And I will post the video of the fashion show below as well.

P.S: Did you wonder who the model on the Red Gown is? Well its Jourdan Dunn! The British sensation supermodel of the moment. I'll feature her some other time but if you want to see her latest project go visit the Burberry website ( and see her in the Fall/Winter 2011 ads. I guarantee that you will love it! Also is it me or did Jason's collection allude to Black Swan as well? Loved it!

Until next time...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello friends!

I recently made another online purchase from Forever 21! 
I'm going on a trip soon during this Spring Break- but I won't reveal the location until everything is set - and I bought two extra accessories that I wanted to share them with  you guys. 
I must say Forever 21 is getting better and better! 
They have such a wide selection of accessories to choose from now that I had a hard time picking the accessories I wanted. 
Initially I wasn't planning on buying any accessories in the first place so I had to place many of those new accessories I spotted on my Wish List. It hurt so much to do that!!! >.<

But when I return from my trip I will definitely put some money aside to go buy them. I really recommend that you check the website and look though the accessories section - you won't be disappointed.

Well without further ado here are two of my purchases:

1. Forever 21 - Feather Earrings 

2. Forever 21 Cross Ring

*Yes I know these two accessories are pretty casual but as I said I planned buy other things and this is what the spare money I had allowed me to get. Check back later for cooler items!


I bought a wool jacket and combat boots during this haul. Any guesses as to where I am headed?
Your comments are welcome below :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great day.

I'm doing well - all smiles!

It feels great to have a special someone in your life...

Here's what I wore today :)


Sunglasses - Chanel
Watch - Vivani
Pink Gemstones Ring - Charlotte Russe
Blue Striped Shirt - 6 Degrees
Braided Brown Belt - Forever 21
White Skinny Jeans - No Brand
Multicolor Sandals - Rouge

Sheyla ♥

Sunday, February 6, 2011

If you're wondering what the new Spring 2011 fashion trend is it's TURBANS!

Aren't they lovely and practical? I'm thinking that they're perfect for those bad hair days or the days when you simply want to protect your hair. I'm really liking this new trend because I always thought the whole "gypsy" style had a sexy and mysterious feel to it.

Here are some of the styles I spotted that got my attention.

Spring 2011 turban trend


The best part about TURBANS is that they're easy to create. I found this old yellow scarf I had in my closet and quickly turned it into my very first TURBAN.

Check the photos below to see how you can covert a scarf into your very first own TURBAN:

What you'll need:
1. A long scarf
2. A scrunchy

Step 1. Comb your hair back and hold it together loosely with a scrunchy.

Step 2. Grab each end of the scarf and wrap the scarf from the back of your hair to the front. Then make a knot of both ends in the top center of your head.

Step 3. Untie your scrunchy and tuck in your hair in the back.

Step 4. Then grab the right strands hanging in the front of your head, spread it and bring it back to tuck it in as well on the right back side of your head.

Step 5. Do the same to the other strand except tuck it on the left side this time and make sure that there are now hair strands sticking out. Tuck in the strands evenly.

And there you have it your own TURBANT!


Sheyla ♥

Saturday, February 5, 2011

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