Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recently my friend posted this video Facebook and it touched my heart. For years I have been intrigued by the topic discussed in this documentary and I was glad that somebody had finally spoken about it in an open and simple way. 

Shadeism from Shadeism on Vimeo.

I confess I myself have acted like some of these girls in the video when it comes to my skin color, mostly when I was younger. I found lighter skin to be more beautiful than my own and often wondered why we were all treated so differently because of our skin color alone. 

I used to wonder why I my skin color wasn't as light as my mother's and often felt that it set us apart greatly. Back then I failed to see the other features that made us similar - our eyes, nose, gestures... - because I was foolish and blind. 

Nowadays as a young adult I love my skin color and realize how wrong I was back then and how the media and some people around me had brainwashed me. What I want to say is that I now see every skin color to be beautiful in its own and that women of color specially should realize how beautiful they are the way they are and should not change themselves to please or match others.

What do you think of this topic?

Sheyla ♥


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello fashionistas,

Here's a lazy look I wore last week to college. 
This semester is slowly coming to an end and right now I barely think about dressing up.
Even my weekends are boring...
Still I want to carry Spring with me even if its in small bits. This time I brought it through this sheer green blouse. I love this blouse its so light and breezy, perfect for Florida weather.

How have you been?

Sheyla ♥


Sunday, March 18, 2012

As promised here's today's OOTD. I can't believe Spring Break is over. I didn't do too many "fun" things but I did enjoy resting a lot. Tomorrow is back to college and to welcome me back is a Math exam isn't that great? 

This look features two things:
These DIY Shorts I made on Friday and this simple and stylish purse I discovered at my local Salvation Army. And guess how much I got it for? $3 dollars!

I was really excited about that. Thanks to "TheFashionCitizen" and "ClothesEncounters" (youtube gurus) I've discovered the wonders of thrifting! I love to check out Goodwill and Salvation Army on Wednesdays now because that's when they have their best deals.

Do you thrift as well?

Also this look was totally inspired by Corinne Bailey Rae hence why it shares the name of her infamous song "Put Your Records On". I've been enjoying her songs throughout Spring Break and I absolutely love her. And yes my hairstyle is also inspired by her. Love you Mrs. Bailey!

Well that's about it for today!

How are you spending your Sunday?

Oh and here's the list of what I'm wearing:

Plaid Blue & Pink Shirt | AEROPOSTALE
Distressed Studded Gap Shorts | DIY
Round Black Shades | FOREVER 21

Sheyla ♥

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I was recently perusing through to check out what items they had that would be perfect for Spring. After much browsing I eventually narrowed it down to these top four picks! But keep in mind they are not in any particular order.
First up is...

1. The Sweet Floral Print Dress

Florals are still on trend for 2012 and in my opinion the bigger the prints are the better.
Why? Because that way they color on the print stands out more. However instead of going for flashy colors I prefer to tone it down by going for pastel floral prints. Its a win-win situation that way because both pastels and florals are trending! You can find this dress HERE.

2. The Beige Chiffon Tiered Skirt
I also like the idea of pairing pleated/tiered skirts like this one this Spring. I feel the urge to look a bit more feminine sometimes during the Spring and with a skirt like this and a pastel color top I would be all set. I love the soft beige color of this skirt and its design is girly and super cute. Find it HERE.

3. The Batwing Chiffon Blouse
"Take me away to a secret place...take me away, take me away!" Hahahaha I'm sorry got a little carried away there. This blouse reminded me of that tune because it looks like it could flow with the wind so well. Also I think this blouse is something a modern Pocahontas would wear! Get it? Flowing with the colors of the wind ;) No but seriously I love the design and style of this batwing blouse I could see myself wearing this on an afternoon date with my hubby this Spring. Find this lovely one HERE.

And lastly...

4. Lace Shorts

Now lace shorts are in the "maybe" category for me. I LOVE how they look on this model and other bloggers I've seen on and Chictopia. However, I'm not sure if I can pull these off very well. I think what stumps me the most is how to pair them...I hope I can get over my insecurities and order these before Spring ends. Do you guys think I can work these shorts?
Find this model in particular HERE.

What are your favorite items from this list?

And also what are your Spring 2012 must-haves?

Sheyla ♥

p.s You can also click on the images to be redirected to

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm about to go run some errands around town.

But its drizzling today so I decided to wear my wool hat to protect myself from the rain.

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Black Boater Hat | ZARA
Purple Bunny Earrings |
White Tank Top | ZARA
Gray Cardigan | SALVATION ARMY
Denim Shorts | DIY
Neon Bag | TARGET
Combat Boots | FOREVER 21

How are you spending your Thursday?

Sheyla ♥


Hello fashionistas,

As you may have noticed recently the quality of my photos changed because I finally got a DSLR; the Nikon D3100. Here are some of the nice shots I've managed to take recently with it...

4 more days of Spring Break for me...oh so sad. But as they say all things must come to an end.

Are you also interested in photography? What is your favorite subject?

My favorite subjects are the sky and people.

Sheyla ♥


Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello fashionistas!

How is your Spring Break going?
Mines is pretty normal for the moment. 

Today is my official first day of Spring Break and I'm spending it at home. I woke up later than usual because I'm still trying to get used to the time change...but enough of that blabbering.

I noticed that NEON has taken Spring fashion by storm this year. And since I already have some NEON pieces myself I decided to look for NEON accessories instead. 

I picked up these pieces while shopping in the last couple of weeks both offline and online.

First up is...

The Fuchsia Clutch from FOREVER 21

"This clutch was inexpensive and the color is so vibrant."

Next is...

The Neon Satchel from TARGET

"Also has a very radiant color and its pretty roomy as well."

And last are...

"When I saw these I had to order them. 
They are small and so feminine; the perfect touch to complete a simple outfit."

If you click on the names of the items you can find where I purchased each of them or similar items at least.

I hope you guys are enjoying your Spring Break and if you're back in school by now I wish you good luck as well.

Sheyla ♥


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