Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello my loves!
I have returned from a long absence. To be truthful I've been on my summer vacation for quite a while now but I felt like I needed a bit of time to myself to relax. In addition, I did not have a readily available photographer around - been trying to work with my tripod again - so I was not in the mood to take many photos.
t-shirt | WALMART   jeans | PACSUN   sneakers & sunglasses | FOREVER 21

Anyways enough blabbering about that because now my love is back and he can help me snap some looks for you all. For today's look I went pretty casual. I've been very into simplicity these past few months and it seems like things will continue to go that way in the upcoming ones. However, the good news is I've been shopping! And once I finish in the next few weeks I can finally show you guys what I've found. Let's see on another note I turned 20 years old a couple of weeks back and it felt wonderful. I feel like I'm at a good stage for my age and I'm grateful for all my blessings - that includes all of you. I also reached a hair goal last month, that is I reached the one year mark. So now I've officially been natural for a year and one month.

Well I hope you liked this simple look. Oh and if you feel like my updates on this blog are quite slow then by all means check out my instagram (@skylover_17) and follow me there.

Sheyla ♥

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