Saturday, February 23, 2013

I've been trying to minimize the amount of jewelry I wear for the sake of making a simple statement. 
As you guys know my motto for this year is to stay classy. A great way to do that is by applying the "less is more" motto to the way I style my outfits. 

For that reason I was happy to come across eFoxcity. At eFoxcity I found some of those delicate statement pieces that complete an outfit without much effort. They focus on women fashion wholesale so the prices they offer are affordable. And their drop ship clothing motto stands for guaranteed fast shipping of their products. The first delicate accessory that stood out to me was this silver collar necklace, it's simply elegant. I like how the silver strands fall nicely and form a nice collar shape that flatters the neck line. And then there were others to name a few: these champagne bow earrings and this bullet ring. The bow earrings are delicate enough to add a feminine touch to any simple look. And the bullet ring would be a perfect addition to stacking rings in your hands, on those days when you feel like bringing a punk vibe to your outfit.

In addition, the company sells fashionable clothing items including wedding dresses under $100 - which I was very surprised about. But hey markets are changing and anything and everything can be found online these days. 

Do you agree about making simple statements with your jewelry?

Sheyla ♥

Friday, February 22, 2013

gold chain | JEWELIQ

I recently redeemed this lovely gold chain through the Chictopia Rewards program. It was a steal for only 2500 points. A gold chain is a staple accessory in a girl's jewelry collection because it is classy and pretty much goes with everything. 

The company that sponsored the reward was JEWELIQ. They included a thoughtful little note with the necklace and a lovely velvet sleeve case to protect the gold chain from scratches.

Overall, I was very happy to receive this reward. For those who have a Chictopia account make sure you post looks constantly because you never know, one day you may accumulate enough points to redeem a cool reward.
Sheyla ♥

Sunday, February 17, 2013

  royal blue coat, necklace & booties | FOREVER 21  lavender sweater | WALMART   
jeans LEVI'S   beanie | BOYFRIEND'S
hand bracelet | EBAY

Although tomorrow is supposedly a holiday I still have to go to class and take some tests. Well what can I do this is the life of a college student. I went to a friend's house today to enjoy a bit of the weekend at least. I had quite a lovely afternoon there. Once again it was quite chilly so I wore a bit more layers of clothing.

I fell in love once again with this royal blue coat that I got 2 years ago specially for my trip to Europe. I wore it quite a few times there and barely here. Luckily this year Florida seems to be more chilly so I got to wear it more this time around. 

How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?

Sheyla ♥

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Today I went out with my mother and grandmother to IKEA and picked up a few things for the house. My mom needed some kitchen accessories and I had been eyeing some decor pieces for my bedroom for a while now and I was excited to finally get to buy them.
    hat | ZARA   sunnies | FIRMOO   cardigan | ROSS   top | PACSUN   skirt | THRIFTED   
bag | ALDO   boots | FOREVER 21
What I wore was very casual. Today was quite breezy so I figured a maxi skirt would be best. The lace top is one of my recent buys from PACSUN. I love how comfortable and light it is. It also has a gold shimmer to it that further adds to its delicacy. 

I'm not done redecorating my bedroom yet but I'm getting there.

Would you like to see a room tour?

Sheyla ♥

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hi everyone, happy February! I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. As we leave January behind and approach Spring season I thought it would be nice to share some of the Spring items I'm looking forward to incorporating into my wardrobe this Primavera - as the latinos call it.

1. Billowy Dresses or Tops (Urban Outfitters) These are the epitome of the Bohemian or Hippie style which fits perfectly with Spring. Most of these items usually have dainty floral details or lace patterns that are very feminine. I love how these minor features can instantly turn you into a Spring Princess without much effort. When choosing these clothing items beiges, whites and light pinks are best because the key to Bohemian is simplicity so the less colors you work with the more effortless your look will seem. If you liked this Bohemian dress you'll be happy to know Urban Outfitters is offering a coupon! Take 10% off! Enter promocode LOVEUO

2. Chiffon Maxi Skirts (Forever 21) Maxi skirts go with almost everything and they are easy to dress up or down. You can easily pair a Chiffon Maxi with a graphic tee or a plain tank top, add a waist-belt and a delicate pendant and there you have an exemplary look for a breezy Spring afternoon.     

3. Light Oversized Jackets (Ebay) If you're just not into maxi skirts or fear that they will make you look shorter. A great alternative are oversized light jackets. The basis to a good bohemian look is to have an oversized item that flows either in your top section or your bottom section (BUT never at BOTH). This will make your outfit look easy and put together simultaneously. 

4. Geometric Jewelry (eFoxCity, Etsy) I'm sucker for geometry. In fact, one of my favorite pastimes is to draw cubes all over my notes whenever I'm bored. There is something about figures that always catches my eye - their symmetry, design, significance etc... All of that explains my excitement when the geometric jewelry trend came about. For years I've been picturing myself wearing a 3 dimensional cube ring and finally getting the chance to own one threw me over the roof with happiness. I found this lovely cube ring at eFoxcity and immediately fell in love. I had been eyeing this ring for a while now but whenever I set myself to buy it, it would be out of stock. In addition I was pleased to find out that eFoxcity also had a silver cube ring - most sites only had the gold one. Recently, I've been wanting to step up my stirling game because there seems to be an overwhelming amount of golden pieces in my jewelry collection nowadays. This ring is simple and sophisticated because it brings attention to your finger without overwhelming it. I think it is the perfect classic adornment.

5. Classic Rompers (NastyGal) Although rompers are a pain come using the restroom time if they have the right cut and design they're elegant and timeless pieces. I'm particularly, very fond of the rompers with the peplum shape incorporated because they add a nice illusion of curves - for us petite girls - or enhance your curves. By merely adding a statement clutch or necklace or earrings you earn chic points instantly. p.s: the one shown is on sale now at NASTYGAL!

6. Pointed Nude Heels (Forever 21, similar here) You can never go wrong with a pair of nude heels. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of heels for my skin tone - it has been a challenge - and I have narrowed my selections down to some heels I found at Forever 21 and another pair I came across at Target. The good things about pointed nude heels are: they are neutral (so they go with everything), they elongate your legs, the pointy design is graceful and it also adds to the illusion of longer legs. 
What Spring pieces are you wanting to buy for your Spring wardrobe?

Sheyla ♥

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