Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hi guys! 
I'm sorry for the lack of looks recently. I'm very focused on school at the moment. Can you believe that we're halfway through the semester already? In a few more weeks is already winter break.

I have a few things coming up for you guys though. First a review on a pair of Firmoo Sunglasses that  were kindly gifted to me. I can't wait to style it for your guys but I simply haven't had much time. And the second thing is my Fall Lookbook video!

Well that is all, take care loves. Talk to you guys soon.


Friday, October 12, 2012

 I used Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie for my twist-out and sealed each twist with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.
The next day I rubbed Olive Oil on my hands again - to prevent frizz - and unraveled each twist separated them in about 4 parts.

Have you tried this method before?

I love it! It worked pretty well for me. I did them on Sunday and it lasted for almost a whole week - only because I washed my hair today so I have to re-twist them tonight. I'm definitely looking forward to rocking this look even more when my hair grows even longer.

Thanks for reading!

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Sheyla ♥

Thursday, October 11, 2012

 jacket ROSS    top | MOM's GIFT    shorts | DIY bag & shoes | TARGET  hat ZARA
Today I had a great day! I only had one class to attend too and it was quite interesting today. We discussed the principles of Chinese Religions and my professor shared some life stories in between the lecture that were pretty hilarious. The weather was also much better than on the previous days. Not too hot or cold! Its finally getting a bit chilly...WOOO! You guys have no idea how much I want to get chilly these days. I'm just so tired of the heat it had gotten to the point where I started wearing Fall clothes on purpose to attract the chilly weather with my thoughts. It was silly I know BUT apparently it worked. As for this look I went for something more rock and roll since I was in such a good mood. This top I actually got it on my 16th birthday as present for my mom. I wore it a couple times but today while I was rumbling through my tees I realized that it matched my neon satchel. As soon as I saw the connection between the two I had an outfit planned in my head around them. Well that was my Thursday for you all. I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow! TGIF.

Take care my loves!
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Sheyla ♥

Sunday, October 7, 2012

top | GOODWILL   sunnies | FOREVER 21   belt & shoes | PACSUN   bag | ALDO

This morning I went to church and wore this simple look. Nothing fancy just casual and comfortable.

Once again, I show you guys how accessories can make or break an outfit. The simple act of adding some sunnies or a bag can instantly "upgrade" an outfit in a blink of an eye. Please ladies by all means if you're not willing to spend lots of money on clothes invest on accessories instead, you won't regret it!

I still can't believe I found this top at Goodwill for about $4 last year. It was such a steal but unfortunately I haven't gone thrifting for a while now but I have a big purchase in mind so I'm trying my best to save up. I couldn't even take advantage of the Columbus Day sales this weekend.

Yes, it sucks but in the end it will pay off. The big purchase will be worth it in the end. I'm not revealing too much about it because its going to be a surprise...

Well, now its time to deal with all the homework that is due tomorrow...oh it will be so much fun!

I hope your day is going well. 

Sheyla ♥

Friday, October 5, 2012

spiked headband | GLINT &GLEAM   sunnies | FIRMOO   jacket | OASAP   shorts | DIY   
shoes | FOREVER 21
Its FRIDAY FRIDAY...Does anyone still remember that song? Or are you totally psyched with PSY's Gangnam Style now?

Regardless, I hope your day is going well. I'm happy today because its the weekend and that means no more tests until next week...I know I know, not that great but the little break will do for now. Unfortunately, us Floridians do not have the luxury of a three-day weekend for Columbus Day but what can we do...its funny how Columbus Day isn't celebrated here. If you know your history you will understand the joke. 

Now about today's outfit I wore this to school and got lots of compliments on my shoes. It seems like recently leopard has become my best buddy. The reason for the name of this look - Alter Ego - is the fact that since I've been wearing lots of black lately it feels like this Sheyla is another Sheyla thus my "Alter Ego".

What are you wearing "kyou" - today ?

Sheyla ♥

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


1. Start simple. For this look I went with two basics a bustier and a skirt, preferably two pieces of solid colors.

2. Add a leather jacket to bring both pieces together and make the look more polished.

3. To finish up the look add some cool accessories. I added these John Lennon inspired shades to bring attention to my face and I decided to keep the rest simple with my gold Casio.


Sheyla ♥

jacket | OASAP   bustier, skirt & rings | FOREVER 21   watch | CASIO   

Today's outfit feature two special gifts. The first is my gold Casio watch that my aunt gifted me today. I was so ecstatic when I received it this morning. What I love about it is tiny yet chic it is and the fact that  it is adjustable from the go - all you have to do is readjust the strap yourself - so no need to go to the jewelry store.

The second gift are these John Lennon inspired sunglasses that FIRMOO kindly gifted me this month. They are so sturdy, truly a pair of good-qualoty shades. Later on I will review them in depth for you guys. Feel free to check the out for now.

Sheyla ♥

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