Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vibrant Nail Polish Color!

Vibrant nail polish colors are very in style right now, so I gave a bolder color a try.
I usually wear classic nail polish colors like black, different shades of pink and brown but I recently purchased a vibrant purple one and I must say that I love it!!!

It looks great, and it makes my outfits standout so it's even better lol..... xD

Also today the shoes and lovely beret I ordered from Forever21 arrived, can't wait to combine those two.

Well back to nail polish...

Here's the new color, make sure to try it out if you can!!


p.s: This color can be found at your local drug store or department store.I bought mines at my local Family Dollar store but I also saw this color at Walgreens, which means it could be pretty much anywhere. =D

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