Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Accessories Haul + MORE

Hello friends!

I recently made another online purchase from Forever 21! 
I'm going on a trip soon during this Spring Break- but I won't reveal the location until everything is set - and I bought two extra accessories that I wanted to share them with  you guys. 
I must say Forever 21 is getting better and better! 
They have such a wide selection of accessories to choose from now that I had a hard time picking the accessories I wanted. 
Initially I wasn't planning on buying any accessories in the first place so I had to place many of those new accessories I spotted on my Wish List. It hurt so much to do that!!! >.<

But when I return from my trip I will definitely put some money aside to go buy them. I really recommend that you check the forever21.com website and look though the accessories section - you won't be disappointed.

Well without further ado here are two of my purchases:

1. Forever 21 - Feather Earrings 

2. Forever 21 Cross Ring

*Yes I know these two accessories are pretty casual but as I said I planned buy other things and this is what the spare money I had allowed me to get. Check back later for cooler items!


I bought a wool jacket and combat boots during this haul. Any guesses as to where I am headed?
Your comments are welcome below :)



  1. I love this post, The points are to be reg all the day in mind,Good work.

  2. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by as well :)


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