Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forever 21 + Heritage 1981 Haul

Hello followers!

Here are some photos of my most recent haul. Yesterday I was finally able to go to the mall to purchase the items I had kept in a wish list from Forever not long ago. I was looking for key pieces that represent the latest trends.

The key terms of the fashion trends I had in mind were: florals, prints, navy and gold accessories.

I was able to find all of the pieces related to these trends at Forever 21 and Heritage 1981

My first stop was F21

I focused on the accessories from there and I got...

Golden Leopard Print Headwrap

Pink and Gold Rose Pendant Necklace

Cylinder Rings (Gold and Silver)

Three Golden Ring Pieces

And then I went to Heritage 1981 which was right next door to Forever 21 to find the other two items that I needed. This time they were clothes...

Navy High-waisted Shorts
*The shorts were on sale by the way because right now Forever 21 is having a Yellow Tag sale. They cost $11.

Blue Floral Romper

And that was my haul!
Thanks for staying tuned.


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