Friday, August 19, 2011

Shoes I want for FALL 2011 + MORE

Hello everyone!

As you guys have noticed Summer is slowly slipping away and for me its quite a bittersweet event. I spent most of this summer with my boyfriend and now that he has gone back to college its quite sad. Only his daily phone calls and the upcoming Fall season have kept me in somewhat high spirits.

There are many things I want for Fall. Besides these shoes that I'm about to share I also plan to take on new activities including YOGA!

Yes I can't wait to start taking Yoga. I really wanted to go back to modeling so in order to get in shape for that I think Yoga will be the perfect solution.

I hope both activities go well. Let's see how I manage College, Yoga and Modeling. Yes because at the moment I'm a freshman in college with a 3.0 GPA woohoo!

Well let's get back to Fashion now...

These are five shoes that I really want this fall

1. Bamboo Chestnut Penny Loafer Heels

* $32

2. Black Leatherette Wedges

* $27.80

3. Suedette Leopard Wedges

* $27.80

4. Black Lace up Combat Boots

* $35.80

5. Jeffrey Campbell Tan Lita Bootie

* $159.95

Hopefully I will get to purchase one of these shoes next week. The only one I don't think I'll be able to get is the Lita :(
College is expensive and it comes first so yeah only if a miracle happened or if somebody gifted me a pair would I be able to get it I think.

But hey at least I can have some of these shoes and that's what matters.

See you lovely readers!

And for those of you returning to college next week, like me, GOOD LUCK!


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