Monday, December 11, 2017

VLOG | Art Basel + Art Miami 2017

Hi fashionistas,

I attended an Art Basel even this year as well and it was another memorable experience. This year unlike last year (more info here) I did make it to the Art Basel exhibit itself. It was quite an entertaining experience because there is quite a lot to take in while there. Honestly the video above alone does not do it justice because I could not fit in ALL of my favorites in it, that's why I posted a pictorial tour on my Instagram here. 

Nevertheless, what you all see here is only about a 20% of the exhibit itself because it was a huge event and it was impossible to capture it all on film. Plus, while I was there I stopped quite a bit to enjoy and admire the art pieces up close and as you can imagine when you're so into something you even forget to bring out the camera to capture it.

I hope you all enjoy this brief tour of Art Basel Miami 2017! I definitely recommend you guys see it for yourselves if you ever get the chance to.

Sheyla ♥

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