Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day everybody!

What a great day, despite the lack of a valentine, it was still a great holiday surrounded by family love.

I got to enjoy the company of family and friends and delicious food. I have to admit I broke "the diet" today - notice how i quote it because I have never had a diet. We all danced to our Spanish songs and had an awesome time.

I decided to wear a dress for this day, had to pair it with a sweater though because it got chilly in Florida again. And I finally got to take a photo with my new blazer - I love it - I think overall the outfit was pretty cute.

What did you guys do for Valentine's day? kind of off topic but whatever.....

I had one of the weirdest visions today. But seriously similar to one of those Raven from "That's So Raven" had and I was smiling for a while like an idiot hahahaha...

I imagined that my dad had won the lotto and I got to pay for college in advance so I left for a vacation in Tokyo, Japan where I met some of my Japanese pen pals. Pretty cool huh? But kind of dreamy as well since this is the greatest wish for all poor people so it's very common. But hey it does not cost to dream so why not do so?

Well I think I tattled a lot about this vision. Time to share today's photos with you guys!


Photos courtesy of my little brother Sandro once again.

Best Regards,

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