Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parrot Jungle Island!

Parrot Jungle Island is so much FUN!!!

Today after a very long time we got to go on a field trip with the school. We visited a sort of zoo-like place here in Miami we refer to as Parrot Jungle Island. That place was so awesome. We go to pet animals, take lost of photos, have great laughs, see live and entertaining shows, eat ice cream, eat, pizza, see an albino alligator, see a liger...and the list goes on an on but you guys get the idea! Right?

We had tons and tons of entertaining things to do. It was such a nice break from school that you could see from our happy and smily faces that we had a great time and were satisfied after spending just $14 to have this little trip.

The animals were so cute - although there were some creepy ones, the white/yellow piton included - and the best part was the we actually got to pet them and sort of play with them. I personally made a parrot friend which I got to feed, it was truly an amazing experience for most of us!

Now check out the photos - hope you like my outfit!



Sheyla ♥

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