Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day! 
Even if you're single there's no excuse for not pampering yourself a bit today.
Go out and have fun with your girlfriends or buy some sweets and watch a romantic movie at home...
There are many things you can do; get creative.
However I'm still a firm believer that love and affection should be displayed on a daily basis!
So if you can't enjoy today you still have all of the other days of your life left to enjoy.
Don't be bittersweet if you haven't found a sweetheart yet.
Live by my favorite quote - "everything happens for a reason" - and enjoy your day.

Much love,
Sheyla ♥



  1. This pic soo cute !
    I'm spending Valentines Day with my true Love: Food :D

    xx Alba ♥

  2. Lovely. Happy Valentines!

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  3. aww that's soo cute!! I hope you had a sweet day
    Happy belated valentine's day :)

  4. Adorable picture! Happy Valentine's day!!!

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