Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hair Journey || Relaxer Update #2

Hello fashionistas,

Yesterday I relaxed my hair and was very happy with my results.

If you're a new follower you don't know this but I'll tell you ...I'm going through this journey known as a "hair journey" to make my hair longer, stronger and healthier. I started my hair journey back in January of 2011.

This me in January 2011 (Left) and March 2011 (Right):

I have kept taking care of my hair by moisturizing it, washing it two times a week, deep conditioning it once a week and doing protein treatments once a month. With the help of websites like KISS and Hairlista I learned how to manage stretching - extending the amount of time before a relaxer - and overall care of my hair properly.

To finish off the relaxers for the year I relaxed on November 2011

*Note that my ends are curled here due to 
the roller set I got at the hair salon.

My hair journey anniversary - Jan. 24, 2012 - arrived and I still did not relax then because I'm currently doing 12 weeks stretches. So after the 12 weeks passed I did relax and here are my results...

February 2012 (Left) and in November 2011 a day after relaxing (Right)

Overall I'm very happy with my results!

(Both Photos Were Taken Today Feb. 11, 2012)

I'm about 2 inches away from APL (Arm Pit Length)!

I would definitely recommend anyone that wants to grow out their hair or simply wants to have healthier hair to do a bit of research on ways to take care of your hair. A hair journey takes patience and lots of love towards your hair but its definitely worth it.



  1. Did you know that braiding your hair can make them grow faster? You can even do it with your own hair. Anyway you hair became longer in a short period that's great keep it up!
    And btw thank you for the comment, made me really happy :)

  2. Wow your hair did grow a lot in a year, that's really motivating!!!

  3. You retained a lot this stretch! Great job Moda :) and you'll be APL in no time girly, keep it up!

  4. I am also on a hair journey but I'm not going natural. So far my hair is growing and I stretch out my perms, I only get a perm 2 times a year (April & August) Good luck & God bless.

    1. Hi Purple!
      I'm also not going natural :) Good luck on you journey as well.

      God bless. ♥


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