Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIARY | Day 3 Hard Rock Resort Day Pass

What I'm Wearing:

Gold Choker || MIXIT
Seafoam Green Sweater || FOREVER 21
White Shorts || FOREVER 21
Neon Yellow Bag || TARGET
Green Ring || FOREVER 21
Studded Sandals || FOREVER 21
On day 3 we headed off to the Hard Rock Punta Cana Resort to enjoy our day pass there. And wow I must say that place is amazing! We all concluded that if we return to Punta Cana someday at the Hard Rock is where we will stay.
We had brunch at a Restaurant called Ciao the food there was not only tasty but also beautifully made.
In front of the casino there were many artists' memorabilia such as that outfit from one of Shakira's concerts and this limousine that used to be Madonna's.
We chose to have our lunch at the beach and afterwards we went to the pool. Both the beach and the pool area were pretty nice and dreamy. Then while my dad and little brother enjoyed the game arcade my mom, grandma and I got pampered at the spa...that experience was heavenly.
After dinner we headed back to our hotel all in agreement that the Hard Rock Resort was the best.

Sheyla ♥



  1. I love that outfit! So vibrant and pretty :)

  2. Omg I want that sushi plate haha! :)
    Your outfit is lovely, I like it!!

  3. that hair cut suits you so flipping well gorgeous!

  4. Omg I am soooooooo jealous ! You are in a warm climate, in a bikini, all that awesome sushi. That is my life right there. *sigh* London is not so glamorous fyi. LOL. Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your time there !

  5. waouh! i saw pics from day1 to day3. it's so nice. it's like paradise or what? sorry girl but i had to be jealous lol. and i loved all your outfits. I miss your long hair :(

  6. Lovely photos, can I please get that neon bag lol. Love the way the sushi was arranged!!


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