Friday, October 5, 2012

OOTD | Alter Ego

spiked headband | GLINT &GLEAM   sunnies | FIRMOO   jacket | OASAP   shorts | DIY   
shoes | FOREVER 21
Its FRIDAY FRIDAY...Does anyone still remember that song? Or are you totally psyched with PSY's Gangnam Style now?

Regardless, I hope your day is going well. I'm happy today because its the weekend and that means no more tests until next week...I know I know, not that great but the little break will do for now. Unfortunately, us Floridians do not have the luxury of a three-day weekend for Columbus Day but what can we do...its funny how Columbus Day isn't celebrated here. If you know your history you will understand the joke. 

Now about today's outfit I wore this to school and got lots of compliments on my shoes. It seems like recently leopard has become my best buddy. The reason for the name of this look - Alter Ego - is the fact that since I've been wearing lots of black lately it feels like this Sheyla is another Sheyla thus my "Alter Ego".

What are you wearing "kyou" - today ?

Sheyla ♥


  1. Yea... The gangnam style. LOL
    You look great. Love your DIY shorts- great job!


  2. lol i remember both i like Gangnam style over friday lol but i do sing that song every friday lol in my head hehe
    i love this outfit everything is so cute love you leather jacket and shoes as well!

  3. Oppa gangnam style! Lol
    Anyway, love the top! I don't have Monday off either, unfortunately :/

  4. Those are to die for, looking good! xx


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