Friday, January 4, 2013

MUSIC | Shakira

Lately I've been listening to Shakira's old hits a lot. If you know Shakira from the good old days you will relate to what I'm saying the most. I love old Shakira's down-to-earth nature - don't get me wrong though because Shakira still is like that. However back then Shakira was purely like this. 

One of my favorites of hers is Antologia a soft tune with some beat to it but ultimately a beautiful song to the ears. And if you're into lyrics you will love the words of this song. The only downside to this song is that its in Spanish - well its not a downside for me - but if you do not speak the language then you can understand what I meant.

Back then there were no ultra-sexy dance moves and sort of racy videos of Shakira all the time. Shakira was rather herself often then. I've decided to use the old Shakira as an inspiration. I'm slowly getting into neutrals and her down-to-earth style from back then seems to fit this vibe I'm incorporating in my style for this new year. 

I leave you with this song of hers that I playback a galore of times these days. 

Its short and sweet but oh so beautiful... 

Dia de Enero (A Day of January) - Shakira

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