Friday, September 13, 2013


I haven't felt this girly in a while...

Once again I've come in touch with my feminine side and have been drawn to more feminine pieces. I had been looking for the perfect Spring/Summer maxi skirt for a while now and finally when I saw this beautiful one at OASAP I fell in love with this skirt and there was nothing that could break the spell between us.
In addition, to my surprise the colors of my skirt matched perfectly with this blue and pink necklace I was sent by Spark Jewerly and I knew it was meant to be paired with this skirt because of that. The necklace is not too long or too short so it sits right above your bust allowing it to be perfect for stacking necklaces.
I was also able to choose another accessory from OASAP to complement this look. I'm so glad I chose this headband. Usually my main problems with headbands are that: they usually all look the same and after a while they do tend to give me the most annoying headaches. Luckily that is not the case with this beautiful headpiece. I was looking for something similar to the hairpieces I see the chaebol girls in Korean dramas wear because they're so unique and not mainstream - at least not here in the U.S - and they're usually very elegant. This headband totally fit the bill; it is perfection.
headband & skirt | c/o OASAP  top | ZARA  cross | GLINT&GLEAM  
spiked necklace | c/o SPARK JEWELRY

How do you accentuate your feminine side?

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