Sunday, December 22, 2013


Tropical Winter is here! You must be wondering what that means but don't worry here's what it is Summer all over again...

Florida beat the records once again and welcomed the Winter season with 80+ Fahrenheit temperatures. Not that I was surprised because we all saw it coming. To be honest with you this sweater look was perfect for the indoor A/C or the night breeze that I was subjected to at the house party I attended on that day. If I had walked along the streets in this outfit I probably would be melted by now!
sunglasses | CHEAP MONDAY   necklace | FOREVER 21
cap | HUGO BOSS   sweater & jeans | H&M   booties | FOREVER 21   bag | GIFT c/o Boyfriend
This sweater feels like a cozy blanket. Its super soft and has a beautiful white bright shade like that of a cloud. I was able to snag it from the recent H&M sale (which is still going on by the way; 70% off most items) and I'm contemplating buying more of it to just wear around the house on lazy days. I picked up a size large to achieve the oversized look and it worked out perfectly. I also purchased this pair of blue skinnies to retire an old pair I've had for a while. These jeans fit perfectly, way better than a previous pair of jeans I got from H&M not long ago.
In the end, I had a great time at this holiday party. I saw family friends that I hadn't seen in a while and I enjoyed delicious homemade food and a dessert.

How did you welcome Winter at your hometown?



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  2. Ohh how I wish I lived in a warmer state...To think I was overjoyed but the record 65 degree weather we got this wkd..thats prob freezing to you but thats like spring joy to us down in the DMV lol Cute fit!

  3. Your shoes are so ace, wow I love them! And your sweater/hat combo is so styleish. Love this outfit!

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  4. I love this outfit. You look gorgeous! :)


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