Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ModCloth Beach Look Challenge | Modern Pinup Girl

             4Posh Poolside Wedge  5. Delicate Drop Necklace   6Uptown Errands Bag 
EXTRA! Through The Wire Headband In Spots

I was recently asked by Modcloth to enter their styling challenge for this week. This week's main inspiration piece was the Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece, a swimsuit very reminiscent of the 1940s pin-up girl. I find the polka dots pattern to be very classic and charming. In order, to enhance the femininity of this one piece swimsuit while staying true to my modern style I paired two classic patterns together, polka dots and stripes. Those two patterns go well together because they clash in a fashionable way, giving the outfit an interesting look.

Black blends well with red and white. However, I did not want the color black to overshadow the rest of the outfit and the best way to do that is by minimizing it to black accents. I chose this see-through Lace by the Lakeside Cover-up to showcase the redness of my one piece. It is a feminine cover-up that makes you look cute enough if you're up for a boardwalk stroll at the beach. Furthermore, going on with the black accents I chose these Posh Poolside Wedges because they fit the criteria I mentioned earlier - classic stripes. Also it is important to wear comfortable shoes at the beach and these are perfect because of their uniform platform.

Of course no beach look is complete without some accessories. To protect my eyes from the sun rays I chose these Quite the Looker Sunglasses because they're wide enough to protect not only my eyes but a wide portion of my face. And as far as jewelry is concerned, I like to keep it minimal at the beach because you don't want lots of jewelry to stop you from enjoying the waves. This Delicate Drop Necklace is small enough showcase and easy to take off once you're ready to go in the water. And a beach bag is an essential because you need something to carry your beach necessities. This Uptown Errands Bag is big enough to carry your belongings and even a little snack. I prefer to carry totes and backpacks to the beach because they're convenient and give you easy access to your items.

And lastly, if you're a big hair girl like me you will need a hair piece to keep your hair in place. I went for this polka dots headband because it matched nicely with my swimsuit and it adds another black accent to my look. Once I'm ready to go in the water I like to put my hair in a puff and this Through the Wire Headband with Spots would keep my hair fly-aways in check while making my hair look cute.

What did you think of this look? And what are your beach essentials?

Sheyla ♥

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