Wednesday, October 1, 2014


On a casual day I like to be comfortable and usually gravitate towards neutral or cream shades.

I'm also wearing glasses for the most part. I find that they give my eyes a rest because contacts tend to dry out my eyes.  
I usually alternate between the two throughout the day. 

Recently, I've been wearing this pair of glasses I received from Firmoo. I opted for a classic pair with a black frame because they can easily be dressed up or down. 

My previous two pairs are blue and red respectively (quite edgy right?) so I wanted something more adult-like for this time around. I think this pair frames my face nicely, and I like how sturdy they are!

  (on my lips Riri Woo by MAC)

   top & shoes FOREVER 21   jacket & jeans | H&M  glasses FIRMOO
 bag | c/o DRESSV

As you can see, I keep my accessories simple as well on casual days. I'm currently obsessed with this star necklace I received as a gift from my aunt a while ago. I find it dainty, charming, and that it goes with almost everything.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this look. Also share what you would wear on casual days. If you wear glasses too, when are you most comfortable wearing them?

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post.

Sheyla ♥


  1. I love your glasses and bag. On casual days, you"all find me in an oversize vintage shirt and denim pants

    1. Hi Cassandra,

      That's nice and thank you!

      Oversize items do tend to be more comfy because they have more room. I do something similar in the fall/winter...I love wearing oversize sweaters then. :)

  2. Are sneaker wedges really that comfortable? Everyone raves about how comfortable they are and I wanna know if that's really true. LOL. I feel like these days are always casual days for me since I'm always in class.

    Sigh...I miss dressing up.

    Thy Bliss Calls

    1. Hi Adjoa!
      Think of sneaker wedges as just another pair of wedges disguised as a sneaker. If you find wedges comfortable and like sneakers then these are for you! Like with any other wedge after a while your feet might hurt a bit but that's simply because wedges are essentially a platform and your not walking on a normal surface.

      I also do not have as much time to dress up nowadays because I'm also mostly in class.

      If you can treat yourself to a dress up day on the weekends, even if its just a stay at home day. Trust me it will make you feel great!

  3. I love your leather jacket, on a casual day you'll either find me in a jeans and tee pairing or a basic dress with sneakers.

    Princess Audu

    1. Cute choices! I love the jeans and tee pairing, its such a classic. Unfortunately, the dress with a sneakers pairing doesn't quite work for me yet. I think I must find the perfect dress to recreate that look. Whenever I pair sneakers with the dresses I have I feel like they seem out of place.

  4. You are a trooper for putting contacts in your eyes! I CAN NOT do it…like at all! I love your firmoo glasses, you look amazing!
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

    1. I don't blame you my boyfriend thinks the same thing! Thank you hun.

      Besos <3

  5. pertty look

  6. Riri woo is the perfect red, I'm so in love with this lipstick and of course you rocked it :) I like the glasses too! Nice and comfy look :)
    On a casual days I'll usually wear a simple tee and colored pants, or a tee and skirt and sneakers as well. xx

    1. Yes! Team Riri Woo! Colored pants is also a good alternative. I prefer pastel color ones like a mint pair.



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