Friday, March 25, 2016


I'm a big fan of ambiance lighting, also known as uplights. They bring darker places to life and if done right they can simulate a beautiful night time rainbow. Do you agree?

 Jacket |H&M  Dress & Shoes | FOREVER 21 Choker | EBAY
I've had this dress for quite some time now. It is one of my good old favorites from when I first started my fashion journey with Freestyle Moda. It is the most comfortable and trendy dress. And It's been about more than 4 years since I've had it and it amazes me how beautiful it still looks. You may remember it from one of my first posts. (Check it out here) It isn't as noticeable on these photos but the plaid fabric has this subtle sheen to it that gives more dimension to the dress.
In the end the dress photographed very nicely against the beautiful color spectrum background. It was perfect for our date night to celebrate Peter's 24th Birthday. As a birthday present I bought him some tickets to go see Chris Tucker's comedy show at the Seminole Hard rock.
We had a great time at the show. We laughed to our hearts' content throughout the entire thing! No pictures or videos were allowed inside the show though but we both agreed that it was for the best because we got to enjoy it with no distractions. 

Sheyla ♥


  1. lovely outfit!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Diane! It was part of the Heritage 1981 brand. Do you remember that? Forever 21 has changed so much since then.

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    Happy Monday! xo


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