Saturday, September 17, 2016


Nowadays my Sundays have become fashion forward days. During the week it is very hard to become inspired to put outfits together for an environment that won't appreciate it. Unfortunately, my work place is not a place to be fashion-forward or where I would want to be that way. As a result, I know choose to lounge around in comfy clothes on Saturdays and to put out my best on Sundays!

dress | STYLEWE   gladiator sandals | ZARA
When I received this dress in the mail from STYLEWE I confess it was love at first sight. I've been looking at off-the shoulder pieces for a while now. This dress in particular caught my attention because of the chest detailing. As a small-chested woman I'm always driven to items that can enhance my chest in a nice way.  And this dress did just that but in a very subtle and girly way.
sunglasses | YESSTYLE

As soon as I opened the package containing this dress I noticed a sparkly fabric that just screamed classy! The sparkles are in between the squares of the plaid print throughout the dress and these photos  simply do not do it justice. You would have to see it in person to truly see the beauty of it. As soon as I wore this dress it was an instant hit among family, friends and social media (you probably saw it HERE first).
on my eyes | NAKED I PALETTE  eyeliner | DOLLY WINK 
earrings | KATE SPADE

Sunday's best was lovely because not only was it comfortable but it was also fashionable even though I did not do many fashionable things and instead did ordinary activities on that day such as shopping for groceries. 

Do you have a special day of the week to be more fashion forward?

Sheyla ♥

P.s: If you would like to know more about StyleWe's stylish clothes and accessories check the links below.

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