Sunday, April 16, 2017


At times it can be a bit hard to stay motivated and focused on our dreams. We might feel hopeless or as if there's nothing else we can do to achieve our goals. It is then than you should surround yourself with positivity more than ever. During those days I like to surround myself with positive affirmations, good vibes and great company.

shades (LINK HERE), t-shirt & choker \\ YESSTYLE   jeans & flats \\ CHARLOTTE RUSSE  
When I spotted this t-shirt I knew it was a perfect find for me. Despite the fact that I'm always encouraging others to spread positive vibes only and continue working hard for their dreams sometimes I need to remind myself to do the same. Since it is a bit difficult to stay focused all the time I like to add encouragements to myself here and there such as positive quotes. And as you can see this shirt did just that for me.
Sheyla ♥

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