Saturday, November 23, 2019

TRAVEL | Morocco

 (View from my hotel room)
 Hassan II Mosque
Sunglasses | LE SPECS  Top | FOREVER 21  Bag | ZARA
Rick's Cafe from the movie Casablanca.
 Old Medina Souks
On my way to the next destination...

My trip to Morocco was short but sweet. The day I spent there was filled with new experiences and beautiful sights. The Moroccan food I had at our hotel was so tasty! And sight-seeing Casablanca was an entertaining experience - it was my favorite part of the trip. Moroccan's use of mosaics was beautiful to look at. If I had had more time I definitely would have spent much longer admiring the countless patterns I saw. I truly hope to return one day and when I it will be for a much longer time.
♥ Sheyla


  1. Love the pictures, Morocco is such a lovely place. Your skin and hair look so good! xx

    1. Thank you Demilade! I appreciate the love. Thanks for stopping by.


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