Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Cozy Knit Look

Here's my second Autumn look!

Once again it's time for knits. This year bring those oversized sweaters, knit dresses and knit head gears, scarfs...etc out of your closet and wear them. It is always cute to wear a nice knit scarf paired with a cool tee, a leather jacket, boots and skinny jeans - Oops! I might have given away a look for the future - not only is it stylish but it also keeps you cozy! One of Fall '09s best trend are knit dresses. For this look I'm showcasing one. Not only are these warm-keepers stylish but also comfortable so you'll feel great, on the other hand they're not so great if you decide to wear them on a sunny day though. :P

Here's the outfit:

Now for the items description:

  • silver headband - these are pretty cute and you can find them anywhere in asorted colors and style. I got few ones of different colors and styles from a local Dollar Store. Yep! Once again a cheap bargain $1 each!

  • silver knit dress - I got this super cute knit at a Ross Department Store for as low as about $20 bucks. The brand is City Triangle, they also had cute tops from this brand so I'll be on the lookout for other clothes from them later on.

  • black leggings - these leggings were a JcPenney purchase. I bought them last year they're awesome because they're not too thin or too thick so you can use them both during the summer or the fall. Their brand is Arizona, a brand which I adore, many of my clothes are from this brand. They cost me $10.

  • silver&navy blue boots - now these might be a little harder to find. My dad bought me these in Portugal at my favorite shoe store there called Guimarães. So if you ever plan to visit Portugal and want the latest most fashionable styles of shoes with great quality Guimarães is the shoe store to visit. They will have everything you need. But the prices won't be as low as the prices here. These my dad bought for about €80 euros that's about $100 dollars. But trust me they're worth it! Unfortunately I haven't seen this type of boots around my area but you could opt for a similar Converse style shoe I've seen out there or go shooping online - sorry Guimarães doesn't have an online website though.



  1. This outfit isn't working as much as the last... You're drawing a bit too much attention to the shoes, the yellow laces being the only unlike color in the entire outfit. When people put together an outfit, they don't draw attention to the feet with colors that overwhelm the rest of the outfit. Then you'll have people staring at your shoes, and not waist up. Fashion designers normally make something unique to the upper half of the outfit that draws attention to it, unless its a runway event for a shoes line.

    You also have to take unto condiferation body type with outfit. The dress makes your body look long and formless and your legs stubby, unlike the last outfit you posted. When choosing an outfit you want to do quite the opposite of that. There's a very good 'out-of-the-box' user-based site for people who create their own outfit combinations, there's some really good ones there, very excellent site for ideas and inspiration:

    I hope the best in your interest of fashion. Keep posting, keep up the good work, and blessings.

  2. Hey Abbey!
    Thanks for the great insights. I will keep your comment in mind. I started to look through recently so I'm starting to get new ideas from it, but thank you for recommending it regardless.


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