Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Night At The Movies!

Sunday came as soon as it went. It’s about 11:44pm here in Florida in a few minutes I’ll be counting some sheep in my zzzzs, but before I do that I had to post the photos of my look today.

I went to the movies with my little brother and bff Vanessa. I couldn’t take photos there because we were in a rush to get in and totally forgot about it lol.

Anyways the movie was so long…..and they had this whole bunch of previews and commercials in the begining- about 20 mins long – which made the experience even longer. In brief I’m in agreement with the critics about the reviews they made the movie too long but iit was still ok. Jacob was a hottie, Edward in some parts.

Well this is it for today fashionistas, school tomorrow….

Should I post tomorrow’s look as well? Mmmm who knows we’ll see.


Other parts of the look:

Paris, France gift shop tank top $12
Ashley Faux leather jacket $16.99
Elizabeth Taylor red glasses $120

Thanks for Reading!

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