Thursday, November 12, 2009

Autumn Fashion is HERE!!

Hello Fashion lovers!
As you all know the fall has arrived, which means that its time to showcase your boots, long leggings, winter coats, scarfs...and it goes on and on. I live in Southern Florida so really cold weather never kicks in over here, but we do have some occasional cold fronts and us fashionistas have a chance to show our Winter style throughout it. For now the weather is not that cold but the mornings and evenings are windy so we can at least wear some of our Winter coats. This fall BLACK is the color to wear. Here's how I implemented it on this outfit.

I went for:
  • dark red ballerina shoes
  • black knee high socks
  • a black & white plaid skirt
  • a black top with a silver and gold design
  • my leather jacket
*Extra tip:
I also have on an ultra sheer black pantyhose. Were you able to see it at first?  No right? Well that's the point these are great because they're unnoticeable and give your legs a clearer look.

Where I got my stuff:
  • dark red ballerina shoes - these you can find anywhere all that matters is what style you want to get, these in particular I bought a $9.99 shoe store! Great deal right? Plus they are very durable and comfortable.

  • black knee high socks & pantyhose - I got these two at a Ross Department store the socks' package was a two-pair one, for about $2 and the pantyhose package was only one pair but it cost $1.50.
  • a black & white plaid skirt - this was another great buy from a Ross Department store it is from the Avril Lavigne brand Abbey Dawn and it was on clearance so it cost about $7.99. So you may be wondering well if it was on clearance then there must be a few left only right? Well not quite, although there may not be any more Abbey Dawn designs there are plenty of other plaid skirts from other brands so you can still go check them out.

  • a black top with a silver and gold design - who doesn't love cheap but good quality tees? Well at least I don't! I found this awesome top at Dots for about $10. Dots has always had many cute tops like these so you can stop by at any of their stores anytime for a cute accessory top. Also word is that Maxrave is also having a sale on their tops so you could go check them out too since their clothing style is similar to that of Dots.

  • my leather style jacket - I also got it at a Ross Department store and it cost me about $16.99, they had a limited stock on these though, so my advise would be to check out Ross first and if you do not find them then go to Dots because they also have great jackets similar to this one.



  1. what are you laughing at? this is quite nice

  2. Nice, love the combo

  3. omfg yes i lvoe that

  4. Hello guys!
    I would appreciatte if you would refrain from inappropiate comments. Because those types of comments will be deleted and they would force me to restrict the blog access. Please remember that this is a Fashion Blog. Other than that once again thank you to those who have liked my fashion tips. I'll be posting a new look soon! Look forward to it.


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