Monday, March 12, 2012


Hello fashionistas!

How is your Spring Break going?
Mines is pretty normal for the moment. 

Today is my official first day of Spring Break and I'm spending it at home. I woke up later than usual because I'm still trying to get used to the time change...but enough of that blabbering.

I noticed that NEON has taken Spring fashion by storm this year. And since I already have some NEON pieces myself I decided to look for NEON accessories instead. 

I picked up these pieces while shopping in the last couple of weeks both offline and online.

First up is...

The Fuchsia Clutch from FOREVER 21

"This clutch was inexpensive and the color is so vibrant."

Next is...

The Neon Satchel from TARGET

"Also has a very radiant color and its pretty roomy as well."

And last are...

"When I saw these I had to order them. 
They are small and so feminine; the perfect touch to complete a simple outfit."

If you click on the names of the items you can find where I purchased each of them or similar items at least.

I hope you guys are enjoying your Spring Break and if you're back in school by now I wish you good luck as well.

Sheyla ♥



  1. yellow bag is so cool, i love this color!

  2. Nice purchases, I've had my eye on that exact satchel at Target just gotten myself to buy it yet

  3. Love the neon satchel!! Those earrings are so cute too!

  4. Adore everything. The bags are so vibrant!x

  5. I'm also loving the neon trend. I have that yellow neon bag from Target and I LOVE it. It really does hold everything. =)

    xoxo (till next time)


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