Saturday, March 17, 2012

OASAP Fashion || SPRING 2012

I was recently perusing through to check out what items they had that would be perfect for Spring. After much browsing I eventually narrowed it down to these top four picks! But keep in mind they are not in any particular order.
First up is...

1. The Sweet Floral Print Dress

Florals are still on trend for 2012 and in my opinion the bigger the prints are the better.
Why? Because that way they color on the print stands out more. However instead of going for flashy colors I prefer to tone it down by going for pastel floral prints. Its a win-win situation that way because both pastels and florals are trending! You can find this dress HERE.

2. The Beige Chiffon Tiered Skirt
I also like the idea of pairing pleated/tiered skirts like this one this Spring. I feel the urge to look a bit more feminine sometimes during the Spring and with a skirt like this and a pastel color top I would be all set. I love the soft beige color of this skirt and its design is girly and super cute. Find it HERE.

3. The Batwing Chiffon Blouse
"Take me away to a secret place...take me away, take me away!" Hahahaha I'm sorry got a little carried away there. This blouse reminded me of that tune because it looks like it could flow with the wind so well. Also I think this blouse is something a modern Pocahontas would wear! Get it? Flowing with the colors of the wind ;) No but seriously I love the design and style of this batwing blouse I could see myself wearing this on an afternoon date with my hubby this Spring. Find this lovely one HERE.

And lastly...

4. Lace Shorts

Now lace shorts are in the "maybe" category for me. I LOVE how they look on this model and other bloggers I've seen on and Chictopia. However, I'm not sure if I can pull these off very well. I think what stumps me the most is how to pair them...I hope I can get over my insecurities and order these before Spring ends. Do you guys think I can work these shorts?
Find this model in particular HERE.

What are your favorite items from this list?

And also what are your Spring 2012 must-haves?

Sheyla ♥

p.s You can also click on the images to be redirected to


  1. ooh..yes, babe..
    all of this..really about this new trend in this spring !!!
    and happy, i already have all of that things ..

  2. Hahaha thank you Winda. And oh lucky you!

    I really want to try the tiered skirt :)

  3. This Batwing Chiffon Blouse is so hot!
    love it!

    xx A.

  4. I love the lace shorts!!! And I think the must-have is anything in pastels! Especially the mint pants or anything in mint!! Perfection for me!

  5. I'm sure you can rock those shorts!! Just be confident, you have amazing legs why would you not?
    I wish i could find lace shorts and all the items you listed tho :/
    Pastels, floral print and lace are def on the trend


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