Sunday, October 2, 2011

OOTD: The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree

Hello friends!

Today was a pretty nice day. The family and I had lunch at Pollo Tropical we love our white rice and beans hahahaha we chatted and enjoyed ourselves there. Afterwards we went to the movies with to see Killer Elite and it was quite a movie. I recommend it; not the best but it had quite a good plot.

And then to finish up the day we grabbed some donuts at Dunkin' Ds and closed a nice day outing.
I was really hoping to see my hubby but since that wasn't possible hanging with the family was awesome.

Hopefully I'll see him next weekend -- we're in different colleges so either of us has to commute to see each other.

But anyways how was your day? Leave me some comments below I want to connect with you guys as well.

And as promised here's the outfit of the day.

What I'm wearing:
Floral Headband - Forever 21
Gray High - LowTank top - Pacsun
Black and White Stripes Bodycon Skirt - Target
Black Wedge Booties - Forever 21
Cross Pendant - Pacsun

I hope you guys like it.

Take care

Sheyla ♥


  1. I love your outfit, it's very pretty and stylish! Your skirt especially caught my eyes at first! You look lovely :)

  2. I love this outfit! You look amazing! I found your blog off of look book and am so glad I did. You have a great fashion sense! If you have time, I would love it if you checked out my fashion blog. If you like it and decide to follow that would be great but only if you really like it! Hope to hear from you soon!


  3. @Diane: Thank you!!! That is actually my first bodycon skirt this is the second time I wear it lol. I'm glad you liked it.

    @Daly: Thank you so much for stopping by Daly I'm glad you liked my blog I'll stop by yours as well.

  4. This skirt is amazing, I love stripes haha so you can easily understand that I love your outfit!
    And you've a very pretty face hun!
    Btw thank you for following and for the sweet comments, it made me really happy :))
    Good week,

  5. @Emmanuella: Aw that is sweet! Thank you dear and no need to thank you have a lovely blog and awesome style as well. I'm glad that brightened up your day :)

  6. great outfit!!
    follow me :)

  7. I love this look!
    Those shoes are wonderful. I've never bought any shoes from F21, how is the quality and comfort?


  8. @Lilith: The quality is great! The comfort depends on the shoe and what you're comfortable with. For example if the heel of the shoe is skinny then they're not the most comfortable after about 4-5 hours. Other than that their shoes are great. I love their wedges, boots/booties :) These are comfortable by the way.

  9. Such a perfect outfit, you look chic :) Love your shoes especially!

  10. @herecomesthesun: Thank you dear!

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful family day- I'm just waiting for my dinner to be ready and the thought of white rice and beans completely made my mouth water :) Love your look, too; that striped skirt is just perfect. And you have the most beautiful smile!

  12. @Cee: Thank you Cee!! You love it too? I just think that food combination was made in heaven hahahahaha enjoy your dinner :D

    And thank you for following, complimenting me and stopping and showing some love to my blog. ♥

  13. great look, love the baggy top with the fitted skirt!

  14. Thanks for stopping by Michaela :)

  15. love the outfit , so cute and edgy and the red lippy suits you well xoxo

  16. Absolutely sexy. It looks awesome, and really works on you. Only thing I would suggest is to change the bandana around your head to something a little less flowery. It would look more coordinated and solid. But then, maybe it's just my general preference for things that don't involve flowers.


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