Sunday, April 6, 2014


bralette |  GILLY HICKS   skirt | PACSUN   sunglasses & sandals | FOREVER 21

Somedays you just want to stay home and look pretty. I had no plans for this Sunday but I felt like doing my makeup and taking these shots to show you all this simple stay at home look.

The weather was perfect for the beach but like I said home was were my heart wanted to be. But to be honest who needs the beach when your surroundings look like this. If I really wanted to get a tan all I would need are my pair of shades and my beach towel to lay on.

How are you spending your Sunday?

Sheyla ♥


Cassandra Ikegbune said...

You just inspired an outfit look for me. Love this relaxed look! My Sundays are normally spent reading. Lol

Sheyla said...

Thank you for sharing Cassandra. I want to get back into reading as well. When you post your look make sure to share it with me.

Diane A said...

Love the relaxed look! Your hair looks great!

Louise Mensah said...

I love love love your hairstyle. Did you braid your to get it curly or ??
I'm now following your blog on Bloglovin', please check out my blog and if you like what you see, follow me back. xx

Sheyla said...

Hi Louise~
Thank you for stopping by and following. My hairstyle is a twist-out.


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