Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I have been a fan of Curlformer rollers since the start of my natural hair journey. The ones shown are actually imitation ones since I was unable to afford buying the real ones back then. After I tried them for quite some time I realized that these dupe ones worked just fine on my hair and I could not justify spending $60 more to get the real ones.
Years later, the Hydra Curlformer came into the picture and I used it for my wash n' gos as well as some twist-outs to achieve some curl definition. However, what I did not know until recently is that the Hydra Curlformer can also be used for straight styles such as blowouts, roller sets and roller sets! The idea for this video came from that realization, I wanted to test the pairing of both the Curlformer rollers and the Hydra Curllformer to see if my curls would be any different.

Below are my results of my fun experiment:

Sheyla ♥

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