Monday, October 10, 2011

Coach Poppy Fragrance

Recently Teen Vogue sent out these small samples of the the Coach Poppy Fragrance to the first 200 readers if I remember correctly who voted for a Snapshot Contest contestant and I got mine in the mail a few weeks ago.

I like it! It smells fruity yet flowery also... Yeah I can't describe fragrances very well but hey all I know is that I'm adding this new perfume to my Christmas wish list along with my other favorite by Juicy Couture - the original fragrance - I just realized I consider myself two things a shoe girl and a perfume girl.

Since my description of the fragrance was so poor I definitely encourage you to smell this perfume at a local drugstore so you can get the gist of what I meant.

Love you guys!



  1. Got mine as well! Little chapstick sized thing, it smells really good though.

  2. Yes that one I forgot to take a photo of it ...I guess ill do that later xD

  3. I love all the fragance that smell fruity ^^
    it's a pity we can not smell the fragrance on your blog (I'm crazy I know lool)


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