Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello friends!

So yesterday I completely jinxed myself by announcing that the OOTD would be posted in the afternoon and not indoors! Like seriously it all backfired hahahahaha

I got home and it was still a beautiful day but my photographer was not home yet so I said to my self not a big deal he will come soon enough right? WRONG my little brother had an afternoon activity apparently and by the time he made it home the dreadful rain was back and the day turned ugly once again. Sad right? I know...

So I ended up doing what I said I wouldn't do...take photos indoors? Like really everything did not happen according to plan but hey I think overall the shots turned out ok even though I hate the indoor quality still.

I hope you guys like it regardless.


Much love,
Sheyla ♥


  1. Cute dress! Love the color


  2. I love your dress!!
    Btw there are awards for you on my blog :)

  3. I like the color of your dress! The cardigan is my favorite part of your outfit! Love it!!

  4. your dress is so cute and the cardigan, i just one like yours with stripes!!! cute:)


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