Monday, October 10, 2011

Kreative Blogger Award

I logged into my blog this morning to check on you guys and prepare this afternoon's OOTD post when I noticed that Olivia had given me an award! How nice of you Olivia; you're too sweet.

So here are my answers....enjoy getting to know more about me!

1) Link back to the person who passed you the award
2) Complete the form below
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Award 10 Blogs & drop them a line about it


Name your favorite song: Music is a big part of my life so its really hard to choose a favorite song because I feel that there's a song for every occasion. Let's see at the moment there's a tie between two songs that have been on replay a lot on my iPod lately...first is Fox Rain by Lee Sun Hee second is I Was Here by Beyonce

Name your favorite dessert: Cake...ummmm....Coconut cake with Vanilla frosting and real coconut bits on top. I buy it at Publix.

What pisses you off: People that try to bring you down or make you feel bad when you're having the best time of your life otherwise known as "haters".

When you're upset, you: I listen to music and talk it out with a close friend or my love. Also if I think that the situation calls for being alone instead I find a place to get my mind off things, like a park, the beach...etc.

Your favorite pet: Dogs! I'm a dog lover at heart. ♥

Black or white: Black

Your biggest fear:  Failing a life and not accomplishing to goals I've set out for myself.

Best feature: Legs.

Everyday attitude: I try to look at the positive side of things.

What is perfection: It's beautiful to be imperfect because that is human nature so I say nothing is perfect in this world.

Guilty pleasure:  Ice cream! I LOVE IT! My boyfriend would totally approve of this answer. I love to get ice cream when we go on dates. At the moment my favorite ice cream is all of the Magnum ice creams.


1. I love Asians! It all started with Asian dramas.

2. I love to read but lately I've been so busy that I haven't picked up a book. Well except for today when I finally downloaded the books app on my phone and started reading Pride and Prejudice

3. I'm a Freshman/Sophomore in college. The reason is I accumulated some college credits in high school so after Fall semester I will be considered a College Sophomore.

4. I'm a firm believer that kissing is a major part of a relationship and without it there wouldn't be a true "relationship".

5. I love to dance and I'm serious about this! At parties I'm the one that is still dancing and its 5 A.M.

6. I sometimes dream about what I will wear the next day and most of the looks I post on my blog are those I dreamt of.

7. I traveled by airplane alone and for the first time when I was 6 years old.


Jacdami (Life and Happiness)

Emmanuella (Emma Source)

Matricia (Musings of Krav)

Lucia (Lolita's Fashion Ideas)

Meghan (ulovemegz)

Melanie (Those Things They Said)

Ariel (Couturing)

Nana (Nana's Stars)

                                                              Shirley (Meek ~n~ Mild)


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  1. First of all, Congrats on your award :)and we have many things in common haha! I love Asian music and dramas too!!!! I've noticed that u follow Siwon on Twitter! I'm like crazy about Super Junior haha ;)
    And I totally agree with you on what pisses you off!! ;)

  2. Oh Diane!! I would totally hang out with you!!"
    "SORRY SORRY SORRY"!! Super Junior is my favorite Korea boy band too followed by SHINee. :-)

  3. Aww thank you so much Sheyla, I'm very honored you don't even imagine how this had made my day, I'm very happy you find me kreative especially as we just found each other our blogs there's no long ago.
    Let me tell you that I also love your blog a lot sweetie and also the kind of person you're!! I can see that we've things in common, it's very pleasant to see that.
    I also agree with what pisses you off, haters are parts of life, you just have to put in your mind that they want what you've or they are there just because you're a reflection of what they wish to be so they'll always do everything to bring you down. You just have to do everything on your side to keep what you've and always be yourself you'll see they will get out from your life.
    Btw I find asians soo cute and I love watching mangas (not very girly I know lol), I never had the opportunity to listen to their music but I like generic parts of their cartoons haha.
    I nearly forgot, congratulations you deserve it!
    Thank you again for having embellished my day :)))
    Kisses from Africa

  4. woow I didn't even saw how my comment was loooong lool sorry for that :/

  5. thank you so muchh sheylaa! Btw I like your blog, I'd never stopped by until now, Me guta mucho de verdad tienes estilo :)

  6. Thank you Jacdami! Espero leer tus respuestas pronto.

    Me encanta tu blog aun mas siempre fue una inspiracion para mi :)

  7. Aw emmanuella no worries thank you for sharing your thoughts :D

  8. aww thank you hun :) shall accept this on my next post :) xxxxx

  9. Congrats on your award! and Thank you so much for tagging me! such an honor :D "I was here" is one of my favorite songs too<3

  10. Hey Nana! Thank you and you're welcome! Isn't that song beautiful? I think its one of those songs that will be played for years many times :)


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