Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Brightened My Mood Today

Hello fashionistas!

After a stressful day at school I was in great need for something to lift my mood. I decided to check on your blogs in between breaks at school and boy I'm so glad I did!

I read a post by fellow fashionista Ashlee Shevonne and immediately I was super excited!

Any guesses as to what news made me jump up and down?

Well I'll just tell you anyways...

In the Spring of 2012 Target will make another of my dreams come true...yes you guessed it right if you're thinking this is about Jason Wu!!!

OMG I could not believe it! If you've been following my blog for quite a while now or you have read my post on Jason Wu's Fall/Winter Collection then you should know how happy the news make me.

It seems that this year has been the "fashion lottery" year for me! Most of the stylish things I've always wanted to add to my closet are miraculously ending up in my closet and it seems that next year it will be the same.

I've never been this blessed before and I'm really thankful for that. God is good my friends...

Another wonderful thing that happened today was that I purchased a pair of Jeffrey Campbell LITAS!!!

I ordered them online through The Sole of Chicago - Lori's Designer Shoes the store where I found them priced lowest after researching all over the web. In the end I found this store thanks to another fellow fashionista - Anosha.

I finally did it and I can't believe it!!! But yes these babies broke my bank once again so I won't be shopping for a while now; perhaps until either Black Friday or Christmas itself.

Now that I've gotten most of the items I desperately wanted for Fall I can say I'm content and ready to get my head back in the game - that is college - my next goal is to bring that 3.0 GPA to 3.5 and beyond!

I'm determined to graduate to find a nice job and live a stable life.

And I know that with the perseverance that I have I can do this. Wish me luck fashionistas!

Unfortunately that means that I can only post outfits and fashion related posts on weekends alone.

I will focus on studying during the week from now on. But don't worry I'll stop by occasionally to reply to your comments but for the most part look forward to the weekends for fashion outfits from me.

How is everyone doing with school if you're a student or work itself?

I know it can be stressing but make a bit of time for yourself sometimes; it will definitely make you feel better and refreshed.

"Thank you for all the love and support my lovely followers!

Stay beautiful and focused on the things you want in life."

But before I leave here's a sneak peek of Jason's collaboration with Target!

Let me know what you think...doesn't it look promising?

P.s: Thank you Ashlee & Anosha for making my day! ♥



  1. Wow that's so great!!!! Lucky you, I wanna buy a pair of Litas so bad but I'm still waiting for the best moment to do so :/
    Good luck with school also :)


  2. Thank you Diane! I've been saving up and holding up for the longest too I'm sure you'll find the best moment soon ;)

    And thank your for the support with school! ♥

  3. I'm excited that YOU'RE excited! Thanks for the shout out!


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